VHA voluntarily committed to implementing the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance requirements to insure management and financial controls.

VHA-logo-300VHA encountered problems that most companies experience when implementing enterprise wide controls and audit processes.

The executive responsible for SOX Compliance realized that the team was using spreadsheets and emails to manage the entire process. This created tremendous inefficiencies, disparate and inconsistent data, and a lack of visibility into the progress and effectiveness of their SOX program. In addition, leadership established an objective that no audit findings were to be repeated in subsequent audits.


Develop a compliance management and tracking system that would meet SOX Compliance requirements, automate tasks through workflows with alerts and followup actions, and deliver multidimensional reporting and dashboards to the organization.

ProQuality Solution

VHA’s team conveyed the details of their need in a short discovery meeting. A week later, ProQuality delivered a production-ready Proof of Concept solution that amazed the VHA team.

VHA is currently using their customized Compliance and Management Tracking Application to manage their SOX Compliance program. The VHA team can make changes on the fly internally for their evolving needs.

VHA is also looking at other ways to leverage the Relax™ Platform and apply additional value solutions.