Prologic, a company that provides IT support for school districts in Texas, needed an ERP system to replace an existing CIMS system, which was no longer supported.


logo_prologicA mission critical system was rapidly becoming inadequate and limiting growth.

Worse, when the system reached end of life and was no longer supported, Prologic was in danger of losing their extensive client base of Texas school districts to competition. While the need for a solution was urgent, Prologic had a very limited budget and no written requirements for the project.


Develop a custom, user friendly ERP system to support the unique student and financial needs of K–12 Texas school districts. Do it with limited funding and time. Rapidly develop and deploy it. Oh, and by the way, make it dynamic enough to handle constant database, requirements and UI changes so Prologic can be responsive to their client’s needs…

ProQuality Solution

The ProQuality team worked closely with Prologic to understand requirements, then leveraged the power and flexibility of the Relax™ Platform to develop TEAMS (Texas Educational and Management System) at a fraction of the cost of leading competitive solutions. The result was a huge success and TEAMS currently supports 35 school districts in Texas.

The Relax™ platform enabled Prologic to build TEAMS, a very sophisticated state of the art Commercial Student and Financial ERP System, with fewer resources in a timely manner. With Relax, we were able to quickly respond to our client’s needs and thus build durable long-term relationships.”

Jim Pepper, Owner
Prologic Technology Systems, Inc.

The Relax™ platform is far superior to any other frameworks that I have used or seen, because it is very easy to use and provides all the tools needed for software development. Instead of going through the pains of trying to integrate “open source” frameworks, Relax provides a fully integrated environment of “plug and play” components. Relax allows me to focus all my time on implementing business requirements instead of focusing on technology — which greatly increased my productivity. Relax has saved the client a lot of money during the development, as well as during support of the product.”

Edna Corey, Developer
Prologic Technology Systems, Inc.