The CFO of Smith System, a furniture manufacturing company in North Texas, needed a way to automate cumbersome manual business processes.

SmithSystem-tag-300The company set a goal of automation of 95% of their processes to be accomplished within a timeframe of 6 months. An upgrade to their current ERP system was estimated to take at least 9 months and require additional costly outside consulting support. The upgraded ERP would still only provide Smith System with 70% at most of the desired business functionality. Off the shelf solutions, while affordable, did not provide the flexibility needed for efficient end-to-end company operations and full visibility.

Smith needed to look for an alternative that could provide power and flexibility, as well as the ability to customize in an expedient manner to meet future business changes.


Smith System CFO and executives met with ProQuality Solutions to discuss their custom needs and situation. A few hours of discovery provided enough information to start work on a Proof of Concept for a customized modular manufacturing ERP application. In just three days, ProQuality was ready to present a working custom ERP module to show Smith System that their dream of automation — within their time and budget targets — could become a reality.


Smith System hired ProQuality to build an Enterprise Level Custom Manufacturing ERP System. The system is comprised of 10 integrated modules covering standard functions such as item configuration, order entry, purchasing, inventory control, factory configuration, manufacturing scheduling, etc., while incorporating all of the customizations necessary to support functionality that is unique to Smith System’s processes.