American Airlines needed a solution to replace the existing billing engine that was running on the PRAS mainframe system. Every time they needed to add a new input feed or any new functionality, it would take 6 to 9 months and cost them between $250–500k to deliver.


American Airlines was evaluating proposals from EDS, SAP and Lufthansa when ProQuality Solutions was introduced. After a short discovery session, ProQuality delivered a complimentary, fully operational Proof of Concept within three weeks. Company executives were very impressed by the demo, and based on its features and functionality, decided to engage ProQuality.


ProQuality delivered Global Credit Card Processing (GCCP) to American Airlines in August 2011. The implementation — with zero defects — was a huge success. GCCP provides a high level of configuration using crisp, user-friendly interfaces. GCCP processes all AA transactions, interfaces with SAP accounting, generates invoices for credit card companies and creates over 60 reports on a daily basis.

Since the GCCP implementation, ProQuality has successfully delivered several other projects, including Japan ESF, PIN Debit, Brazil, Facet, EGSF, and RAC system integration (USA Air merger project).